Two stunt guys exploring everyday
concepts in creative ways

Knowledge infused with compassion fuels better decisions.
The world is a complicated place filled with complicated people
living complicated lives.

Begin Again: Utilize the Wisdom of Eastern and Western Ideologies to Achieve Your Full Potential

Author: Brian Hite

Lock in knowledge, increase awareness, and kickstart new, more productive behaviors….

What do Buddha, Aristotle, and Stephen Hawking all have in common? They all struggled with basic fundamental issues of human nature, such as managing thoughts, regulating emotions, strengthening relationships, and maximizing well-being

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AHHH YEAH!!!! Episode 10! In this landmark episode, Dr. Brian and Colin chat about AI technology, Star Trek, some famous ancient philosophers, serendipity and how the universe works.

Latest Episodes

Release Date: 9/5/2022

Our goal is to invite people to poke holes in their blinders by intentionally challenging their certainty.

We want to create a safe place for people to:

  • Wrestle with provocative and multifaceted concepts and norms.
  • Question assumptions and challenge their deeply held beliefs…the more deeply held, the better.
  •  Tackle topics ranging from controversial issues such as religion, immigration, and abortion to cultural mores so embedded within our society that we don’t even notice how regularly, substantially, and extensively they influence our daily lives.

Join us as we:

  • Provide intelligent, educational, and insightful information through discussion between ourselves and our guests.
  • Explore everyday concepts, situations, and events in creative, fun, and entertaining ways.
  •  Broaden our own and our audience’s perceptions about a variety of topics in an effort to increase tolerance, acceptance, open-mindedness, critical thinking, and overall well-being.
  •  Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable!!!