About Colin Follenweider

As long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to be a stuntman.  At a young age, my best friend and I formed a Daredevil Club.  We’d climb trees as high as possible and jump out of them.  We would play fight trying to replicate the action we saw in movies.  I would even practice falling down the stairs to my room.

Growing up in Colorado, I never thought this was an accomplishable dream.

However, I lived a very active lifestyle.  I competed in many sports such as baseball, basketball, track, cycling, and volleyball.  I am an avid skier.  But none of those sports had as big an impact on the direction of my life as gymnastics did.  Starting at age 12, I competed through high school and college.  At San Jose State University, I competed in all 6 events and became an Academic All-American.

During my college years, the door to stage performing opened.  I was hired at Amusement Park high diving shows, flipping and twisting from 80ft into a 12ft tank.  Additionally, I was cast in live stunt shows in Las Vegas and Japan.  My biggest achievement happened when I was asked to join the cast of Cirque Du Soleil’s “O” in Las Vegas.  After 3 years with Cirque, I moved to Hollywood to pursue my boyhood dream.  In pursuit of that dream, I have been fortunate enough to have worked in over 90 movies and television shows as a stunt performer, stunt rigging coordinator, and stunt coordinator.

Additionally, I am a seeker of knowledge. The topics range from mountaineering folklore to WWII spy nonfiction to Astrophysics and Philosophy.  As Bill Nye states in his Masterclass, “Everyone you meet, knows something you do not.”

In life, I strive to bring kindness and gratitude to every interaction.  I believe how something is done is just as important as to what is done.